Reliable Investment – Decisions



Modelling and evaluation of the opportunities and risks of an investment project

  • definition of base case, possible scenarios and key variables
  • determination (estimation) of cash flows, their volatilities and correlations
  • identification and evaluation of risks
  • integration of options for action to shield the project
  • evaluation
  • analysis and evaluation of risks
  • identification and integration of potential options for action
  • improvement of project results
  • precise timing of decisions
  • correct configuration of projects

Real Options – Analysis:

Investments are in an inherent way determining the future options and possibilities to react to changed requirements

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to quantify the financial value of this flexibility to judge investment proposals correctly?

  • Calculation of cash flows for planned investment  "Analysis of related volatility"
  • Identification and modeling of future Real Options  
  • Tool based analysis of Real Options
  • Interpretation of results (values, probabilities)


  • Complete financial judgement of planned investment including future Real Options, with calculation and inclusion of financial value of this flexibility.