Reliability in Strategic Management

Balanced Strategy / Balanced Scorecard

» You want  ...
to define targets along whole value chain in line with your strategic positioning?
to derive all necessary abilities and measures?
to make targets measureable and identify concrete action?

  • Strategy in 2 dimensions :
    Along the functional chain :
    Finance – Products / Markets – Processes – HR
    Along the steps of realisation :
    Strategic Success Factors – Targets – Abilities –   Measures
  • Definition of related key figures (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Transfer into operational planning
  • Consistent strategy - alignment along the whole functional chain (Balanced Strategy)
  • Reliable Strategic Management using Balanced Scorecard

Development of Strategic Success Factors

  • Market segments and relevant criteria for buying  
  • Selfanalysis and analysis of competitors  
  • Definition of strategic options
  • Determination of Strategic Success Factors
  • Sustainable positioning in the market, based on individual strengths

Implementation of Integrated Management Tools

  • Integrated planning  
  • Integrated (monthly) cost settlement and deviation   analysis (plan vs. actuals)
  • Activity planning to counteract negative deviation
  • Proactive company development
  • Integrated consistent chain of planning, analysis and actions for target based control
  • Activity focussed reporting