Best practice in operational (“primary“) and supportive (“secondary“) processes

Business process Quick Scan

» You must deal with complex business processes and work on their continuous improvement
» You want to realise competitive advantages through optimization of your supply chain 
» Your company is growing rapidly and you need to adjust organisation and business processes 
» Your are operating over several sites and business process standardisation has become a necessity 
» You have made acquisitions and relevant business processes have to be integrated

  • Assessment of company-structure and its key business processes  
  • Workflow based analysis of relevant business processes (activities, outputs, automation level)  
  • Definition and assessment of process relevant  performance figures
  • Identification of improvement potential
  • Concept and implementation planning
  • Transparency of business processes and corresponding responsibilities
  •  Identified improvement potential
  •  Assessment of relevant key figures

Business process modeling (incl. organisational adjustment)

  • Design of “to be“ business process(es)
  • Determination of accompanying strategic concepts   and structures (storage locations, DSCM…)
  • Proposal of organisational changes
  • Documentation of “to be“ business processes based on BPMN
  • Implementation planning
  • Implementation support
  • Improvement of competitive position via increased business process performance  
  • Development from hierarchy based organisation to one based on business process and communication